the price of freedom
{NOT A SPOILER FREE ZONE} Velcome to my evil lair, a personal blog dedicated to fangirling, feels, and foaming cups of tea. My superhero title is That Girl Who Cries Over Da Gays and I fight the good fight of multi-shipping for all. I'm stuck in a perpetual state of existential writing crises and you'll frequently find me here, mourning the tragedies of beautiful people that don't exist. If you're in the same boat then, this is definitely the blog for you! You can't have it though; it's mine.



You follow me on tumblr but will you follow me into war

shut the fuck up steve

Happy Birthday Munakata Reishi!
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these are the remnants of us.

a prince who can sway a whole city

Sharon. She’s nice.

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the chantry boy band

for cobbledbitsofbone happy birthday buddy!!

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a photoset of Naruto and Sasuke blushing because of each other.

MingNa: Catch #AgentMay TONIGHT on her new #AgentsofSHIELD #HarleyDavidson! S2 Ep2 #badass

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