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Velcome to my evil lair, a personal blog dedicated to fangirling, feels, and foaming cups of tea. I'm stuck in a perpetual state of existential writing crises and you'll frequently find me here, mourning the deaths of beautiful people that don't exist. If you're in the same boat then, this is definitely the blog for you! You can't have it though; it's mine. NOT A SPOILER FREE ZONE.

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accurate portrayal of midgardians

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One was given a shield | One had his shield arm stolen

One was given a choice | One had choice taken from him

One was fragile, and they made him strong | One was strong, and they made him fragile

One slept in the ice, and returned to save lives | One was woken from ice, and sent to kill

One missed the war | One became the war

One was given a weapon | One was made a weapon

One became a symbol | One became a secret

i’m tired of being what you want me to be.

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"When you hear "The Number One Couple in Ikebukuro", you just have to think of Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara." - Erika Karisawa

little soldier boycome marching homebrave soldier boycomes marching home

little soldier boy
come marching home
brave soldier boy
comes marching home

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A night in Whiterun